4 months I ago I went to my first social market which was in a nearby township. You know in my mind I just thought I’ll just go there to watch people but 3 days before the market I thought maybe I too can participate and have a stall. I did, not even knowing what I’ll being doing. Friday the night before I am stressing my sweat out because I don’t even know if people are going to love my baked goods. 

I baked with the hands God has given me trying to put together new ideas of baked goods. And here I was with 5 different baked good, meringue muffins, choc chip cookies, virgin black balls, black label cake and citrus berry cake. Honestly I do not know how I survived all that baking in one night. My granny is one of the reason I keep telling myself I am able and I can do no matter what. That Friday she sat with me in the kitchen, watching me go crazy. It was as if as she was praying silent prayers to God. And I thank her for that everyday.

See the thing with me I am just a young amateur baker who has found that baking sets me free. Always when I bake I find myself free from everything. I am always in awe, it’s like baking is my church and I go there to praise and worship what I do. Sounds a bit crazy but being free is being at a place where you allow yourself to be you, your soul, body and spirit to be in an euphoric place.



Beni is a French word for Blessed. My late mother’s name is Busisiwe meaning Blessed, hence that’s how I came with the name Beni. She loved singing,guess I took those genes and I don’t remember her being much of a dancer but the fact that she was loud and wanted every one to know that she has arrived. I consider myself a great amateur cook, just above great though. See I just live baking and mother used to bake even though some of those memories have faded but her soul is within me. I don’t have a background of going to culinary school or being trained by someone I’m just gifted that’s what I tell people and to add being “Blessed”. 

I love baking to a point when I am in the kitchen baking I usually using to my dough, sounds crazy but it sure does make my baked goods taste good. For my first​ blog this I made weeks ago is a Black Label cake. This cake here drives people crazy.